Accessing notes with many ledger lines

Flashnote Derby can’t show the entire range of notes that are available to practice on the screen at one time.You have the option of accessing notes with up to five ledger lines, above and below the staff.

Here’s how to access the extreme high and low ends of any staff.

  1. With your finger, tap and hold in any area of the staff, but NOT on top of a note. If your tap lands on a note, you will note scroll the staff, but instead select a range of notes.
  2. Still holding your finger down in the empty area of the staff, drag to the left or the right and the staff will scroll along with you
  3. You can now select additional notes with many ledger lines.
Notes that you have selected but have been scrolled out of view will still be included in the next flashcard drill. The number inside the green circle next to the clef will always show the total number of notes you have selected in the staff.


Last updated by Luke on October 10, 2023
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