Configuring multiple devices with the same users and presets

If you are using Flashnote Derby in a larger music studio or school, you might wish to have multiple devices set up with the same users and presets available on each device. Flashnote Derby allows you to set up one device as the master device. From this master device, you can create clone devices which will always contain the same users and presets that are present on the master device. 

Furthermore, progress tracking will automatically be activated for all of the users among all of the devices. This means, regardless of which specific device a student is using, their progress will be tracked and can be checked from any of the devices in the group.

To set up a master-clone relationship among devices, first choose one of the devices to be the master. If you already have a device with all of your users and presets on it, this will probably be your master device. Be advised that one you set up a master-clone relationship, you will only be able to add new users and presets on the master device. If you are in a studio with multiple teachers, you might need to choose a device that can be accessed by anyone who might need to perform these tasks.

Your device must be connected to the internet in order to set it up as the master or a clone.

To set up a device as the master

  1. From the main note-choosing screen, tap on the settings icon.   
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of settings and tap the entry for TEACHER SERVICES.  
  3. Log in to your Flashnote Derby teacher account (or create an account) if you have not already done so. 
  4. Tap Make this device the master and confirm that you wish to establish that device as the master. (No users or presets will be modified.) 
  5. You will see a confirmation message that your device is now the master. 

To set up a device as a clone

When you make a device into a clone, you will lose all of the user and preset data presently on the device. It will be replaced with the users and presets that are on the master device.
  1. Repeat the steps above, but instead choose Make this device a clone. 
  2. Confirm that your understand that this operation will erase all of the users and presets on this device and replace them with those from the master device. 
  3. You will see a confirmation message that your device is now acting as a clone.
Important to note! Editing of users and presets can only be done on the master device. You will not have the option to do so on the clones. (This also prevents students from making unwanted changes to the devices : ) Any users or presets which are added to the master device will be added to the clones. Users and presets which are deleted from the master device will also be removed from the clones.
Synchronization between master and clones is not instantaneous. If you want to force a device to synchronize, try exiting Flashnote Derby and then relaunching the app.
Last updated by Luke on August 24, 2018
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