I sent a drill to my student, but nothing happens when they try to open it.

Assuming that you have successfully created a teacher account and sent a drill to your student, but they are unable to open it on their end, try the following solutions.

  1. Does the student have Flashnote Derby installed on their device at home?
    The purchased app must exist on their tablet or phone before attempting to open the drill you sent them. (A link to purchasing the app in the iOS app store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store is included in each email that accompanies the preset drill sent to the student.)
  2. Was the email received on a computer and the student tried to access the drill from there?
    In order to function properly, the email must be accessed from a tablet or phone that has Flashnote Derby installed on it.
  3. Was the student connected to the internet when they attempted to open the drill from the email?
    The notes of the drill are stored in the cloud and must be fetched when the student taps on the link in the email. If the student’s device is temporarily not connected to the internet, the drill cannot be loaded. Once the preset drill is installed, it is available under the presets menu (bookmark icon) regardless of internet connection status.
  4. Is the student using an Apple device but not using the standard Apple e-mail client?
    They might need to tap the text link contained in the email instead of the button.
    If you have eliminated the above possibilities and the problem persists, raise a support ticket and we’ll see what the issue could be.
Last updated by Luke on March 20, 2018
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